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Dana to Petra on the Jordan Trail

Dana to Petra on the Jordan Trail

November 17, March 18

Days: 4

Length: 72.6 km

Main sites in the Dana to Petra Region:

  • Wadi Dana Biosphere Reserve and countless other natural wonders
  • Feynan ruins and ancient copper mines
  • Feynan ecolodge
  • Hidden stream and waterfall in Wadi Feid
  • Little Petra, an outpost of Petra in the same city-in-the-cliffs style
  • Petra, Nabatean capital and wonder of the world

One of the most awe-inspiring sections of a trek across Jordan, this route was recently named by National Geographic as one of the fifteen best hikes in the world. The trail drops from the heights of the mountain plateaus to the Araba Valley and climbs back again, crossing several climate zones, diverse ecosystems hidden in canyons, and dramatic labyrinths of hills and valleys displaying the full spectrum of the region’s geology. The scenery spans from majestic and epic mountaintops to peaceful, bucolic countryside, and new landscapes present themselves every few kilometers. The route ends with the Nabatean masterpiece, Petra. 

We do not yet run this trip however if you are interested in this challenge for your charity, organisation or group please contact us on +44 (0) 7951058053

Detailed Itinerary

 Day 1 – Arrival Collection from the airport and transfer directly to your hotel in Dana village. Depending upon your flight arrival time, we can offer additional activities for the day. Overnight in Dana. 

Day 2 – Dana village to Feynan. 18 km.
From the irrigated gardens around Dana (1200m) to the scorching sand dunes of the Great Rift Valley, today’s walk takes you through one of most dramatic and diverse landscapes in the whole region.  The trail drops steeply at first and then levels into a more gradual descent through the Dana Biosphere Reserve towards the eco-lodge at Feynan. The reserve, Jordan’s largest, includes four distinct bio-geographical zones, supporting a diversity of birds, plants, and animals. You’re likely to see Griffin Vultures, rock hyrax and copper-blue lizards on the rocks. Overnight, camping at Wadi Ghuwair (Feynan area). 

 Day 3 – Feynan to Ras Al-Feid. 18 km.
From Wadi Feynan through the historic landscape around Feynan, where copper has been mined for some 3000 years. Mining reached it peak under the Romans, when thousands of slaves died here working the mines and furnaces, and millions of tonnes of ore were smelted into a metal that was exported all over the empire. As you walk out of Feynan you will see the mountains of slag as well as ruined buildings from the Nabataean and Roman periods. Beyond Feynan we cross a flat and stony desert, with Jebel Sharah to the east and Wadi Araba to the west. The terrain is essential flat, but you’ll need to cross several dry wadis or river beds as you make your way south. In the afternoon you’ll reach the camp  at Ras Al- Feid. Overnight, Camping at Ras Al-Feid. 

Day 4 – Ras Al-Feid to Gbour Whedat. 16 km.Along the river bed through dense vegetation, and will gradually climb up the hills following Bedouin shepherds paths, to uncover more of the spectacular views over the desert below. Overnight, Camping at Gbour Whedat.  

Day 5 – Gbour Whedat to Little Petra. 14 km.
Between Gbour Whedat and little Petra you will pass many sites such as Ba’ajah ruins, siq Ba’ajah,the Nabataeans wine, olive presses, water tanks, wells and the Nabataean rock carved facades and then on to Little Petra. Overnight, camping at little Petra. 

Day 6 – Little Petra to Petra. 14 km.
In the morning, we will hike to Petra, and enter the site from the Monastery (Al Deir). The soul-stirring, rose-red city of Petra is chief among Jordan’s archaeological riches, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Petra is the legacy of the Nabateans, an industrious Arab people who settled in south Jordan more than 2,000 years ago. you will visit the museum, Qaser El Bent, the court. 

Day 7 – Departure.
Transfer to Amman / the Airport. Additional nights accommodation and private airport transfers on any other day can be arranged for extra cost.  

Petra & Wadi Rum

Petra & Wadi rum

Join us in Amman 

Days: 6 days trekking & scrambling

Dates:  4-11 November 12–19 November 17

  • Visit Petra, 7th wonder of the world
  • Trek leader & Bedouin guide‘s warm hospitality 
  • Climb Jordan’s highest mountain Jebel Um Adaami (1832m) 


All breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners included, 2 nights in good hotels, 4 nights Bedouin camp (full service) & 1 night wild camp.


  DAY 1: Amman - Petra You will meet us at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman in the early afternoon, normally at 13hrs. We provide a single timed group transfer for 2.5 hrs to the red rose city of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the world, and since 1985 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After checking into the hotel and some relaxation time we will have the opportunity to take a short walk around this magnificent ancient lost city of the biblical Nabateans comprising of an impressive series of tombs and dwellings carved directly into rock. Absorb the atmosphere and your leader will also suggest essential sites that are great to visit (as well as how to get back to your 3 or 4 ***hotel). 

DAY 2: Petra – Little Petra: A trek through Petra today following a track past Pharaoh's Column and the Roman Theatre This morning after breakfast we make our way to the site of Little Petra. The landscape is ever changing – sandy plateaus, Bedouin campsites, goat herds, stone staircases and rounded domes. We move past The Treasury Monastery, Al Khazna, an impressive structure almost 40m high and reportedly it was used as a temple by Christians in the Byzantine period. From here you have the option to head down into the Petra Basin past Um Saisaba ruins and to our Bedouin camp. (4-5hrs, 13km) 

DAY 3: Petra to Wadi Rum village, Rakabat canyon & optional climbing or abseil challenge After breakfast we travel towards the magical wadi rum, untamed Jordan with the journey taking around 1.5hours. On entering the protectorate we visit Nabatean temple, Lawrence of Arabia springs on foot or by camel. The ruins of the marble-columned Nabatean temple date back to the 14th century BC, and are believed to have been dedicated to the deities Atargatis (goddess of foliage and fruit) and Hadad (god of the thunderbolt). At this point we can offer an optional climbing or abseil challenge. In the afternoon we trek to Rakabat canyon. This 2-3 hour hike takes you through a high canyon through Jebel Um Ishrin. This route is used by the Bedouin to cross from one side to the other with their goats.  DAY 4: Jebel Burdah and over to the natural rock bridge of Um Fruth Scramble up the Burdah Bridge. Hike into desert and onto Jebel um Fruth camp.  After spending the night we will board our vehicles and head for Jebel Burdah through the Khor Al Ajram valley. Heading for Burdah bridge we will scramble through rocks on an intricate route shown by our Bedouin guide and a final short steep wall where a rope will be used. There are some steeper sections where it is necessary to use hands. Photo opportunities a plenty greet you on top of the bridge. On the way down we cross slabs of rock and descend a steep groove to the desert floor. Here we have lunch after the 3-hour trip and meet our vehicles for lunch. Now on the move again we continue our journey for another 2 hours before reaching Wadi Rum discovery camp and dinner. An exhilarating day! (13km, +500m) 

DAY 5: Traverse of Jebel Khasch (1700m) ridge today with magnificent views into Saudi Arabia  We start hiking again at Jebel Khasch after a short ride. We ascend to the plateau easily to reach 1700m and see the 360-degree vista on the ridge. The traverse of Jebel Khasch which takes around 3-4 hours before descending towards the west through another rocky valley into an impressive wadi. This walk also takes us through an ancient Bedouin cemetery and into an area of red rocks and red sand. After this, we will go to the Elephant rock and the nearby sand dunes. Tonight it will be a wild camp. (+480m, 13km, 6 hrs) DAY 6: Climb Jebel Um Adaami (1832m), the highest mountain in Jordan We reach the summit in around 3 hours before descending for lunch.  Jebel Um Adami, is situated on a geological border and the contrast between the Rum landscape and the view towards Saudi Arabia is stunning. We move through wadi saabit and then ascend to the summit before returning to our Bedouin camp for the night. Defallah of Sheikh Atieeq’s family and was also responsible for the discovery of Jebel um Adaami as Jordan’s highest mountain. After making the summit which takes around 3 hours, we descend and walk for a further 2 hours, exploring the desert before heading back to camp. Along the way there is an ancient Nabatean dam. (11 km +400m, 5 hrs) 

DAY 7: Visit the Dead Sea for a more relaxed day, with accommodation in a 4* hotel After breakfast we savour the last moments of Rum wilderness before travelling to the Dead Sea which is 304m deep and over the surface of the Dead Sea is over 1300 feet below sea level. On arrival you will have time to relax and float in the Dead sea as well as the hotel pool. The water contains more than 35 different types of minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromine, sulphur, and iodine giving rise to some fascinating crystal formations. This is a free day to relax after we arrive. (dinner & lunch not included) 

DAY 8: Departure day, transfer from your hotel at the Dead Sea to Amman for afternoon flight We will have a scheduled transfer mid-morning to Amman in a bus from our group hotel. Once at the airport our trip is complete.   

Climb Kilimanjaro 5895m challenge

Join us to the summit of Africa – Kilimanjaro 5895m 

Date: 27 January - 6 February 18

Days: 11 days

Length: 62km

Cost: £1800

Our 11 day trekking expedition to the famous summit of Kilimanjaro;
truly the trip of a lifetime.The trek itself is 7 days with 2/3 days travelling (dependant flight times) and covers a variety of terrain under foot; from dry moorland, Rainforest to Arctic like conditions.


  •  Day 1 Fly out from the UK to Amsterdam. Connecting flight to Kilimanjaro airport. Arriving in Moshi. 
  • Day 2 Rest day from travelling. Time to organise equipment, meet the team. 
  • Day 3 Transfer from Moshi to Moshi Gate (1490m start of trek) - Machame Camp (2980m). Time - 7 hours, 11km and 1490m height gain. 
  • Day 4 Machame Camp (2980m) - Shira Camp (3840m). Time - 6 hours, 5km and 860m height gain. Day 5 Shira Camp (3840m) - Barranco Camp (3950m). Time 6 hours, 10km and 790m height gain and 680m height loss. 
  • Day 6 Barranco Camp (3950m) - Karanga Valley Camp (4200m). Time 3 hours, 5km and 250m height gain. 
  • Day 7 Karanga Valley Camp (4200m) - Barafu Camp (4600m). Time 3 hours, 4km and 400m height gain. 
  • Day 8 Summit Day Barafu Camp (4600m) - Uhuru Peak (5895m) - Mweka Camp (3100m). Time 6 hours to the summit and 5 - 7 hours to Mweka Camp. 1345m height gain and 2795m height loss. 
  • Day 9 Mweka Camp (3100m) - Mweka Gate (1980m). Time 4 hours, 10km and 1120m height loss. Transfer back to Moshi. 
  • Day 10 Depart Tanzania to Amsterdam and onto UK. Day 11 Arrive back in the UK. 

 ‘What’s included?’ 

• Airport transfers • 2 nights accommodation (hotel based shared rooms - B&B) • In country transport • 6 nights tented accommodation (including roll mats, sleeping bags are an optional extra). • Park fees • Porters & Cooks • All food provided (own snacks at clients additional expense) • Water provided • First aid provision • Guides • Expedition training day (details will be announced closer to the time) 

‘What’s excluded?’ 

• Flights • Personal insurance • Visa - (currently 50USD) • Inoculations and personal medication • Personal spending money • Tips for porters • Meals whilst travelling (airports, etc) • Personal trekking equipment (clothing, poles, sleeping bag, etc) 

We run this trip in partnership with Aspire2Summit. If you are interested in this challenge for your charity, organisation or group please contact us on +44 (0) 7951058053

Madagascar Nature Adventures

Coming soon! 

Madagascar Adventure, mountain trek, wildlife & beach island paradise

October 17, May 18

Days: 10

Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa. It offers diverse and spectacular scenery: mountains, deserts, rainforests, beaches and island archipelagos linked by coral reefs and clear turquoise waters in the North. It is the home of five percent of the world's plant and animal species, 80 percent of which are unique to Madagascar. Among its most notable examples of biodiversity are the lemur family of primates, three endemic bird families and its baobab trees. 

We love this place and look forward to introducing you to it's natural beauty and wildlife.

Coming soon! We do not yet run this trip however if you are interested in this challenge for your charity, organisation or group please contact us on +44 (0) 7951058053

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Angel Falls, Venezuela

Venezuela trekking & adventure challenge - Lost world & Angel Falls

Venezuela trekking & adventure challenge - Lost World & Angel Falls Challenge: Trek, climb, paddle/boat

Your chance to explore largely untouched lost world of Venezuelan jungle by boat, trek to climb a table topped tepui peak and experience the fabled lost world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel. Trek, boat and climb to reach a remote area and fly by Angel Falls the world’s highest free drop waterfall. Without a doubt a once in a life time trip.

Duration: Venezuela trekking & adventure challenge - Lost World & Angel Falls - 12 days, nights

Venezuela trekking & adventure challenge - Lost World & Angel Falls + Los Roques - 2 x day jungle canoe / boat journey, 3 x savannah and jungle days trekking, 2 x days climbing, 2 x days Los Roques

Price not including Los Roques: £1750

Price including Los Roques extension: £1995