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Freedom Trail - Walter Benjamin Coastal

7 days, 6 nights accommodation, 5 days trekking, France - Costa Brava Vermillion coast 

Duration: 6 nights, 7 days 

Price: £795 

Dates & Availability: April, May, June, October & November 2017/2018

FTC/16-12 May 17 £795

FTC/221-27 May 17 £795

FTC/3 29 May – 4 June 17 £795

FTC/416-21 July 17 N/A Private charity group

FTS 4/17 28 October – 3 Nov 17 £795 

Itinerary & Booking 

A journey along the most famous Freedom Trail escape route and a voyage along the Vermillion coast and where Salvador Dali later made his home in Port Lligat.  In 1940, Jewish writer and philosopher Walter Benjamin tried to escape the Nazi officers over the Pyrenees to Spain, from Banyuls Sur la Mer to Portbou, after the outbreak of World War II and at the beginning of the Spanish post-war period with the help of passeur Lisa Fittko. We will make this memorial journey along the coast and through wine country before dropping back down to the coast after crossing the Col de Rumplissa to Portbou.  Apart from being an escape trek there is the opportunity to see artists haunts first hand and be inspired by the same landscape and vivid colours they chose to paint.

"Our guide provided water, fine dinners and a clear route. I realized I could not even approach the hardship of my father's trip and had to relax about that. It had to be enough to simply be in the mountain landscape they had traversed all those years ago. While the world is not safe for everyone, we can think about how Europe endured thousands of years of war and violence, and in my lifetime it has achieved an unprecedented level of peace and cooperation". Peter Behr 2016 Trip following in the footsteps of his father 

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The Freedom Trail France to Spain, classic

Chemin de la Liberté - Freedom Trail, Pyrenees, France 

Activity: 3.5 days guided trekking, 5 nights accomodation 

Price: £695 

 Itinerary & Booking  

Alternative 6 day format available including a rest day in Spa town at the end to unwind after your trek. We offer this for 3 large UK Tour operators

Dates & Availability: Trips available Mid July - October. If you would just like to fisit the Halifax bomber memorial site we offer this from June.  

FT 5/17 12 - 17  August 17 £675 

FT 6/17 19-24 August 17 £675 

FT 7/17 8-12 September 17 £695 

About? Every year, the "Chemin de la Liberté " trail inspires trekkers in the Pyrenees to make their own journey to commemorate the 782 Allied airmen and Jewish refugees who risked their lives on a 60km route escaping Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II through Ariege. In total there were over 33,000 successful escapes by Frenchmen alone. Of these 3,000 never returned home . 6,000 allied service men (mainly aircrew) also escaped.  Having reached the mountains people were hidden in secret collecting areas and formed into groups ready for the final night ascent to the Spanish Frontier. At the beginning of 1943 due to increased German surveillance or betrayal by La Milice, ambushes along many trails became common. If you have a group who would  like your own tailored package staying in auberge, hotel or even camping at the beginning and end we stay flexible to meet your needs! In guiding and providing logistics for this route we have helped over 200 people raise money for charity in achieving this challenge.

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Kalymnos Trail - Greek round Island trek

Kalymnos Island round tour – A Greek Island paradise challenge 

Activity: 5 days trekking, 1 day relaxation, beach, museum visits

Duration: 8 days, 7 night's accommodation in hotels or stylish apartments

Price: £725

 Itinerary & Booking  

Dates & Availability: Trip 

KL2/17 21-28 May 17 £725

KL3/17 29 May – 5 June 17 £725 

KL4/17 28 October – 4 November 17 £725 

Dates available in April, May, June and October in 2018 - please enquire if you are a charity or group interested in this challenge in a paradise setting. 

About? Kalymnos is a real paradise! We work in partnership with local Kalymnian people to provide you with a real insider experience of this beautiful island and its elegant and sometimes turbulant history - and of course Kalymnian tales. On the island we are able to tailor the trip to your group and have visited the island many times. Some trails are almost hidden and known only to the Kalymnian hunters and shepherds. Kalymnos is unusually rocky and spectacular for a Greek Island and inhabitants at first thought this was a curse. However it’s dramatic rocky vista has made it a world class rock climbing venue which you will have the chance to see. Its ridges and open mouthed stalagtite ridden caves make for a facinating blend of scenerary whilst we also take the opportunity to visit sparsley populated inlets and fine beaches. You can discover many ancient chapels and castles making a fascinating exploration and see sponge diving boats - an important part of Kalymnian life. We will take some rocky paths to circumvent the island and enjoy fresh fish and tasty Kalymnian cuisine en-route. The first traces of life on Kalymnos date back to the 4th millennium BC and it has been an attractive target for conquests through history, notably by the Romans and Turks.

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The Andorran Escape

The Freedom Trail - Andorran Escape - Passeurs, fugatives and spies 

Duration: 6 nights accomodation, 4.5 days mountain walking with the chance to swim in high lakes

Price: £695

Itinerary and booking

Dates & Availability: July - September are the best months.

FTA1/17 Andorra Freedom Trail12-17 August 17 £695

FTA2/17  Andorra Freedom Trail 20-25 September 17 £695

FTA1/18  Andorra Freedom Trail 11-16 August 18 £695

FTA2/18  Andorra Freedom Trail 22-27 September 18 £695 

This four day trek follows in the footsteps taken by escapes from France leading to El Serrat and Soldeu in Andorra. These routes all converged in Andorra de Vella before heading further south into Spain. Despite being neutral, Andorra was under close observation from spies and agents from many countries. Clandestine meetings are reputed to have taken place in the Hotel Mirador, where everybody watched everybody else! Radio Andorra, a powerful radio station that aimed to remain neutral, broadcast all over Europe and was greatly coveted by the Germans who  wished to purchase it or at least manipulate it for propaganda purposes. However, Radio Andorra did apparently provide a platform for some refugees to send coded messages in the form of dedicated songs, to their relatives in France. 

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Birding walks in NE Spain

Love wild Catalunya nature

Winter Tour of Catalonia & Aragon
Birds-Nature | Trek-Hike | History-Culture  Activity: 6 days bird watch, Duration: 7 days, 6 night's accommodation in hotels 

Price: £950 

Including: meals as specified in the programme, bird watching specialist, gourmet dining, transport, stimulating cultural environment, birds

Nature Inspire   

Bird watch itinerary

Day 1 Meet Accommodation   Barcelona hotel. Day 2 Travel to Alquézar. 3 hours. Visit town & local canyon. Wallcreeper. Roman bridge.   Day 3 Rodellar canyon walk. Vultures. Day 4 Montmesa. Walk around the lake. Cranes. Underground hotel. Desert tent meal.  Day 5 Ornithological reserve walk. Civil war battle site visit. Day 6 Vulture feeding. Wine cave? Ebro  Delta. Day 7 Ebro Delta. Seafood meal. Dep to Barcelona. 

Did you know? Ebro Resident Species  Avocet. Purple ‘Galinule’. Kentish Plover. Greater Flamingo. Night Heron. Glossy Ibis. Ebro Winter Species Osprey. Bar-tailed Godwit. Short-eared Owl. Artic Skua. Great Skua. Blue Throat            

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