Europe Destinations

Story walks - experience a piece of history

We offer 4-5 day historic treks following in the footsteps of escapees from France to Spain crossing the Pyrenees during WW2. THE FREEDOM TRAIL or chemin de la liberté. A gentler option the COASTAL FREEDOM TRAIL crosses the pyrenees on the  coast following in the footsteps of Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin. Smugglers and passeurs traditionally used Andorra as a temporary haven and our France - Andorra Trek follows this path.  

  • Re-live history
  • Emerse in local culture
  • Hear some fabulous stories
  • Trek along stunning trails
  • Take up the challenge

Trek on sections of the 'Peace Trail' circuit straddling the borders of Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro or join a round island trek in Kalymnos Greece, walking some of the Kalymnos trail. Stunning beaches, cliffs and tasty Greek hospitality. 

Beyond Europe

Middle East, Africa, S America Adventure, Treks & challenges

We offer 7-14 day exceptional life-changing treks and challenges for  groups of friends, charities, families   and corporate groups. You will visit places where we have been on expedition, often climbing new routes or exploring remote mountainous regions, jungle or desert areas. Engaging with local communities and contributing something to their society is important to us and can be part of your adventure.

We have the flexibility to design your holiday with your priorities in mind and use an excellent network of proven contacts who we work with. We are a small and dynamic team and our country experts use their passion and expertise to help you step off the beaten track. 

Join us in Jordan, Venezuela, Tanzania & Kenya, Nepal & Madagascar in 2017 & 2018.

Experience the unique culture of the Petra & Wadi Rum bedouin in Jordan. We move along ancient rocky trails worn in red sandstone  following in the steps of Lawrence of Arabia. Your chance to contribute to desert local village projects. Alternatively trek Dana - Petra as the Jordan Trail.

Our experiences offered include:

  • Climb Kilimanjaro -  Rising from the savannah of East Africa to the staggering height of 5895m, not only is Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa but it is also the tallest free-standing mountain on earth.  
  • Angel Falls and journey to the lost world "Making the first ascent of Upuigma was a huge challenge - not only from a climbing point of view but especially how to capture it on film. John is a superb climber and his seemingly effortless approach to some very hairy pitches was nothing short of artistic and his leads gave the rest of the team a huge boost in confidence. We certainly couldn't have done it without John. Equally importantly, John is a brilliant team member with a great sense of humour and was just at home humping loads and helping to prepare dinner as he was in leading the climb. He understood all the (very frustrating) demands of filming on big walls and constantly came up with great ideas of how to overcome the technical and logistical challenges. It was a great privilege to work with John and also great fun."
    Steve Greenwood, BBC Film Producer 
  • Madagascar trek and wildlife experience